Sugared Violets

A couple of days ago, I made sugared primroses. I used a sugared violets recipe that I modified to fit the ingredients and materials that I had. Here is what I did:

Separate 1 egg white into a bowl and add 1 1/2 teaspoons of water.

Then take 1/3 cup of white granulated sugar and pour it into your vita-mix or food processor and mix it until it is the consistency of icing sugar. Place it into a separate bowl.

Take your flowers (violets, primroses, daisies, etc.) and use a paint brush or a makeup brush to coat them in the egg mixture, then use a spoon to dust the flowers in sugar. Tap them gently on the edge of the bowl to make sure that there are no clods of sugar.

Place them on a baking pan and set them on an elevated place to dry. Wait 24 hrs. or until crispy.

The whole thing was really fun, and it made me wonder about food medieval preservation. I found out that in medieval Europe they would mainly use salt, but when pepper was introduced, there was such a rush that it was cut off from everybody except for the Lords and the Royal family. I also found out that before sugar was used to make candy, it was strictly a medicinal substance, and in the end, it was a druggist who first started using it to make candy.

This looks like an interesting blog about ‘experimental archaeology’ of food:


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