My Own Research…

At school, most things are sugar-coated and it drives me insane. I am really interested in Medieval Europe, and so when that was brushed over, I decided to do my own research. I got a book out of the library called the Book of Historic Fashion, and got some really cool information. It turns out that when the Bubonic Plague broke out over Europe, it wiped out over a third of the population. It was so lethal that a person could go to bed healthy, and die before they woke up. When winter came around, the plague went dormant, and people thought that it had gone for good, but this was not the case. The reason for this change was that the rats who were carrying the plague went dormant, and also people were less active, giving the plague even less chance to spread. But when summer came around again, the rats came back, leaving the population in fear and shock once again.

In the after math of the Bubonic Plague, people began to doubt the church and their             Pope, because none of their prayers for relief from the plague had been answered. This made people more materialistic, bringing on a change in the European way of thinking.


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