Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, and has a total area of 130,370 sq km  119,90 of which are land, and 10,380 of which are water. This rich climate has many divers species of flora and fauna, including the Plumed Basilisk, a bright green lizard with a large plume on its head that extended down it’s back; the Sea Turtle, who lays their eggs on the Nicaraguan beaches; and the Bull Shark, the only fresh water shark in the world. These sharks get their name because they head but their prey like bulls.

In recent decades, this country has had to deal with many disasters and wars. In the seventies, a massive earthquake hit Managua, killing many thousands of people. The damage can still be found today in the old cathedral of Managua. After the earthquake, a bloody civil war was raged between the Contras and the Sandinistas. In more recant years, Nicaragua was faced with many natural disasters such as drought and excessive rainfall. Current environment issues include deforestation, soil erosion, and water pollution.


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