Cooper’s Hawk…

One day when I was biking home from taekwondo in the evening, I saw what looked like a pigeon. I came closer and took a look, and it turned out that it wasn’t a pigeon at all. It was a cooper’s hawk. I think that cooper’s hawks are probably my favourite kind of bird, besides kinglets, chickadees, red tailed hawks, and scarlet macaws. I was really sad when I found this one. It must have been quite a recent death, because he was still warm. In big cities like Vancouver, birds of prey are most often killed by cars, and by those black rat poison containers. Because it is not an instant poison, the rat or mouse will go in, eat the poisoned bait, and run back out. Later, when a bird of prey eats it, the poison will enter their blood stream, and act as a poison to the bird instead.


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