Yesterday, when I went to the Sunshine Coast, my aunt Laurie took me to this rock shop called Elfinstones, and it was so cool. It had this huge quartz ball that was about a foot and a half in diameter. It would have been clear, but the inside had all these cracks that showed up white, and when you turned it to the light it reflected rainbow. There was this fossilized ammonite that had been cut in half and the chambers had grown quartz crystals. Laurie said that if there was something I wanted that was not to big and/or expensive, She would get it for me. I like things that I can use, wear, or fidget with, and not just look at, so I  was about to say that I couldn’t think of any thing, but then I saw that in the corner there was a large wooden bowl of magnetic balls, just bigger than marbles. You can tell when there is just something that you want. Something that you can feel that you just need to have, and let me tell you, you can sure fidget with these.

It is to bad that they do not have their own website, but you can check out their Facebook   page in the link above.


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